The Bible in Its Traditions

Tobit 11:19–21


19  And he explained to his parents all the benefits from God, which he had produced all around him, by means of the man who had led him.

19  But Tobias gave thanks before them, because God had mercy on him. And when he came near to Sara his daughter in law, he blessed her, saying, Thou art welcome, daughter: God be blessed, which hath brought thee unto us, and blessed be thy father and thy mother. And there was joy among all his brethren which were at Nineve.

20  And then Ahikar and Nadab arrived, the maternal first cousins of Tobias, rejoicing for Tobias, and congratulating with him for all the good things that God had revealed all around him.

20  And Achiacharus, and Nasbas his brother’s son, came

21  And for seven days they feasted, and all were rejoicing with great joy.

21  And Tobias’ wedding was kept seven days with great joy.