The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 9:19–25


19  But if you do approach him, do nothing to offend, lest perhaps he may take away your life.

20  Know that this is a communion with death. For you would be entering the midst of snares, and walking upon the arms of the grieving.


21  According to your ability, be cautious of your neighbor, and treat him as the wise and prudent would.

Sir9:14  As near as thou canst, guess at thy neighbour, and consult with the wise.

22  Let just men be your companions, and let your glory be in the fear of God.

Sir9:15  Let thy talk be with the wise, and all thy communication in the law of the most High.

23  And let the thought of God be in your mind, and let all your discourse be on the precepts of the Most High.

Sir9:16  And let just men eat and drink with thee; and let thy glorying be in the fear of the Lord.

24  Works will be praised for the hands of the artists, and a leader of the people will be praised for the wisdom of his words, yet truly, the word of the elders will be praised for its understanding.

Sir9:17  For the hand of the artificer the work shall be commended: and the wise ruler of the people for his speech.

25  A man full of words is a dread to his city, but one who speaks rashly will be hated for his word.

Sir9:18  A man of an ill tongue is dangerous in his city; and he that is rash in his talk shall be hated.