The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 9:1–9


You should not be jealous of the wife of your bosom, lest she reveal, because of you, the malice of a wicked lesson.

Be not jealous over the wife of thy bosom, and teach her not an evil lesson against thyself.

You should not give authority over your soul to a woman, lest she obtain your strength, and then you would be confounded.

Give not thy soul unto a woman to set her foot upon thy substance.

You should not look with favor on a woman with many desires, lest perhaps you may fall into her traps.

Meet not with an harlot, lest thou fall into her snares.

You should not be continually in need of entertainment, nor should you be persuaded by it, lest perhaps you may perish by its effectiveness.

Use not much the company of a woman that is a singer, lest thou be taken with her attempts.

You should not stare at a virgin, lest perhaps you may be scandalized by her beauty.

Gaze not on a maid, that thou fall not by those things that are precious in her.

You should not give your soul, in any way, to fornicators, lest you destroy yourself and your inheritance.

Give not thy soul unto harlots, that thou lose not thine inheritance.

Do not choose to look around in the streets of the city, nor should you wander along its thoroughfares.

Look not round about thee in the streets of the city, neither wander thou in the solitary place thereof.

Avert your face from an ornate woman, for you should not gaze upon strange beauty.

Turn away thine eye from a beautiful woman, and look not upon another’s beauty; for many have been deceived by the beauty of a woman; for herewith love is kindled as a fire.


Many have perished because of the beauty of a woman; and by this, desire is kindled like a fire.