The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 7:18–26


18  Remember wrath. For it will not be delayed.

Sir7:17  Humble thyself greatly: for the vengeance of the ungodly is fire and worms.


19  Humble your spirit greatly. For the retribution against the flesh of the impious is with fire and worms.


20  Do not betray your friend for the sake of money, and you should not spurn your dearest brother for the sake of gold.

Sir7:18  Change not a friend for any good by no means; neither a faithful brother for the gold of Ophir.

21  Do not choose to depart from a good and understanding wife, whom you have been allotted in the fear of the Lord. For the grace of her modesty is above gold.

Sir7:19  Forego not a wise and good woman: for her grace is above gold.

22  You should not harm the servant whose works are honest, nor the hired hand who entrusts his life to you.

Sir7:20  Whereas thy servant worketh truly, entreat him not evil. nor the hireling that bestoweth himself wholly for thee.

23  Let an understanding servant be loved by you like your own soul. You should not cheat him out of freedom, nor abandon him to destitution.

Sir7:21  Let thy soul love a good servant, and defraud him not of liberty.

24  Are cattle yours? Tend to them. And if they are useful, let them remain with you.

Sir7:22  Hast thou cattle? have an eye to them: and if they be for thy profit, keep them with thee.

25  Are sons yours? Instruct them, and bow them down from their childhood.

Sir7:23  Hast thou children? instruct them, and bow down their neck from their youth.

26  Are daughters yours? Watch over their bodies. And you should not display a light-hearted attitude toward them.

Sir7:24  Hast thou daughters? have a care of their body, and shew not thyself cheerful toward them.