The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 47:12–22


12  And he provided beauty for the celebrations, and he gave order to the times, even until the end of his life, so that they would praise the holy name of the Lord, and magnify the sanctity of God, from early morning.

Sir47:10  He beautified their feasts, and set in order the solemn times until the end, that they might praise his holy name, and that the temple might sound from morning.

13  The Lord purged his sins, and he exalted his horn forever. And he gave him the covenant of the kingdom, and a throne of glory in Israel.

Sir47:11  The Lord took away his sins, and exalted his horn for ever: he gave him a covenant of kings, and a throne of glory in Israel.

14  After him, an understanding son rose up. And by means of him, he cast down all the power of the enemies.

Sir47:12  After him rose up a wise son, and for his sake he dwelt at large.

15  Solomon reigned in days of peace, and God subjected all his enemies to him, so that he might build a house in his name, and prepare a sanctuary for all time. O how well-taught you were in your youth!

Sir47:13  Solomon reigned in a peaceable time, and was honoured; for God made all quiet round about him, that he might build an house in his name, and prepare his sanctuary for ever.

16  And you were filled with wisdom like a river, and your mind exposed the world.

Sir47:14  How wise wast thou in thy youth and, as a flood, filled with understanding!

17  And you explained mysteries by means of parables. Your name became known to far off islands, and you were beloved for your peace.

15  Thy soul covered the whole earth, and thou filledst it with dark parables.

16  Thy name went far unto the islands; and for thy peace thou wast beloved.


18  The earth was in wonder over your canticles, and proverbs, and parables, and interpretations,


19  and over the name of the Lord God, who is known as the God of Israel.

Sir47:18  By the name of the Lord God, which is called the Lord God of Israel, thou didst gather gold as tin and didst multiply silver as lead.


20  You gathered gold like copper, and you multiplied silver like lead.


21  But you bent your thigh to women, and you were held by the power of your body.

Sir47:19  Thou didst bow thy loins unto women, and by thy body thou wast brought into subjection.

22  You brought a stain upon your glory, and you profaned your seed, so as to bring wrath upon your children, and to incite your foolishness,

Sir47:20  Thou didst stain thy honour, and pollute thy seed: so that thou broughtest wrath upon thy children, and wast grieved for thy folly.