The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 41:5–13


Do not choose to dread the judgment of death. Remember the things that occurred before you, and the things that will occur after you. This judgment is from the Lord upon all flesh.

Sir41:3  Fear not the sentence of death, remember them that have been before thee, and that come after; for this is the sentence of the Lord over all flesh.

And what will happen to you is well-pleasing to the Most High, whether in ten, or one hundred, or one thousand years.

Sir41:4  And why art thou against the pleasure of the most High? there is no inquisition in the grave, whether thou have lived ten, or an hundred, or a thousand years.


For death is no indictment of life.


The sons of sinners, and those who pass their time in the manner of the houses of the impious, become sons of abominations.

Sir41:5  The children of sinners are abominable children, and they that are conversant in the dwelling of the ungodly.

The inheritance of the sons of sinners will perish, and continual disgrace will be with their offspring.

Sir41:6  The inheritance of sinners’ children shall perish, and their posterity shall have a perpetual reproach.

10  The sons of an impious father will complain, for they are in disgrace because of him.

Sir41:7  The children will complain of an ungodly father, because they shall be reproached for his sake.

11  Woe to you, impious men, who have abandoned the law of the Most High Lord!

Sir41:8  Woe be unto you, ungodly men, which have forsaken the law of the most high God! for if ye increase, it shall be to your destruction

12  And when you are born, you will be born into a curse; and when you die, your portion will be in a curse.

Sir41:9  And if ye be born, ye shall be born to a curse: and if ye die, a curse shall be your portion.

13  All things that are from the earth shall return to the earth. Similarly, the impious will proceed from a curse unto perdition.

Sir41:10  All that are of the earth shall turn to earth again: so the ungodly shall go from a curse to destruction.