The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 33:7–18


Why does day follow after day, and light follow after light, and year follow after year, in accord with the sun?

Sir33:Sir36:7  Why doth one day excel another, when as all the light of every day in the year is of the sun?


By the knowledge of the Lord, they were arranged, after the sun was made, in keeping with his command.


And so, the seasons changed, with their feast days. And according to them, they celebrated the feast days, in their hour.

Sir33:Sir36:9  Some of them hath he made high days, and hallowed them, and some of them hath he made ordinary days.

10  Some of them, God exalted and magnified. And some of them, he set amid the ordinary days. And all men are from the ground, and from the earth, from which Adam was created.

Sir33:Sir36:10  And all men are from the ground, and Adam was created of earth

11  With a mulititude of disciplines, the Lord has distinguished them and diversified their ways.

Sir33:Sir36:11  In much knowledge the Lord hath divided them, and made their ways diverse. Though I was the last to wake up, yet I received their inheritance as from the beginning.

12  Some of them, he has blessed and exalted. And some of them he has sanctified and placed close to himself. And some of them, he has cursed and brought low, and he has turned them from their station.

Sir33:Sir36:12  Some of them hath he blessed and exalted and some of them he sanctified, and set near himself: but some of them hath he cursed and brought low, and turned out of their places. O Lord, have mercy upon the people that is called by thy name, and upon Israel, whom thou hast named thy firstborn.

13  Just as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so as to form and to shape it,

Sir33:Sir36:13  As the clay is in the potter’s hand, to fashion it at his pleasure: so man is in the hand of him that made him, to render to them as liketh him best. O be merciful unto Jerusalem, thy holy city, the place of thy rest.


14  so are all his ways in accord with his dispensation, and so is man in the hand of the One who made him. And he will repay him according to his judgment.


15  Good is against evil, and life is against death; so also is a sinner against a just man. And so should you consider all the works of the Most High: two and two, and one against another.

Sir36  Good is set against evil, and life against death: so is the godly against the sinner, and the sinner against the godly. Fill Sion with thine unspeakable oracles, and thy people with thy glory:

undefined  So look upon all the works of the most High; and there are two and two, one against another. Give testimony unto those that thou hast possessed from the beginning, and raise up prophets that have been in thy name.

16  And I awakened at the very end, and I was like one who gathers grapes after the grape-gatherers.

Sir33:Sir36:16  Reward them that wait for thee, and let thy prophets be found faithful.

17  I, too, have hoped in the blessing of God. And I have filled the winepress like one who gathers grapes.

Sir36  O Lord, hear the prayer of thy servants, according to the blessing of Aaron over thy people, that all they which dwell upon the earth may know that thou art the Lord, the eternal God.

undefined  The belly devoureth all meats, yet is one meat better than another.

18  Consider how I have not labored for myself alone, but for all who are seeking discipline.

Sir33:Sir36:19  As the palate tasteth divers kinds of venison: so doth an heart of understanding false speeches.