The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 33:25–33


25  Fodder and a rod and a burden are for a donkey; bread and discipline and work are for a servant.

Sir33:Sir36:26  Who will trust a thief well appointed, that skippeth from city to city? so who will believe a man that hath no house, and lodgeth wheresoever the night taketh him?

26  He works under discipline, and he seeks rest. Allow his hands to be idle, and he seeks liberty.

Sir33:Sir30:25  If thou set thy servant to labour, thou shalt find rest: but if thou let him go idle, he shall seek liberty.

27  The yoke and the strap bend a stiff neck, and continual labors bend a servant.

Sir33:Sir30:26  A yoke and a collar do bow the neck: so are tortures and torments for an evil servant.

28  Torture and chains are for a malevolent servant; send him to work, so that he may not be idle.

Sir33:Sir30:27  Send him to labour, that he be not idle; for idleness teacheth much evil.

29  For idleness has taught much evil.

Sir33:Sir30:28  Set him to work, as is fit for him: if he be not obedient, put on more heavy fetters.

30  Appoint him to a task. For this is fitting for him. And if he will not be obedient, bend him with chains. But you should do no more than any flesh can bear. Truly, you should do nothing grievous without judgment.

Sir33:Sir36:29  But be not excessive toward any; and without discretion do nothing.

31  If you have a faithful servant, let him be to you like your own soul. Treat him like a brother. For you have obtained him by the blood of your soul.

Sir33:Sir36:30  If thou have a servant, let him be unto thee as thyself, because thou hast bought him with a price.

32  If you harm him unjustly, he will turn away and flee.

Sir33:Sir36:31  If thou have a servant, entreat him as a brother: for thou hast need of him, as of thine own soul: if thou entreat him evil, and he run from thee, which way wilt thou go to seek him?


33  And then, when he lifts himself up and departs, you will not know whom to ask, or in what way to seek him.