The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 33:19–24


19  Listen to me, you great ones, with all the peoples. And incline your ears, you rulers of the Church.

Sir33:Sir36:20  A froward heart causeth heaviness: but a man of experience will recompense him.

20  You should not give authority over yourself to a son or wife, to a brother or friend, in your life. And you should not give your estate to another, lest perhaps you may regret it, and then you would be begging for the same.

Sir33:Sir36:21  A woman will receive every man, yet is one daughter better than another.

21  While you are still living and breathing, let no one among all flesh change you.

Sir33:Sir36:22  The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance, and a man loveth nothing better.

22  For it is better if your children petition you, than if you look toward the hands of your children.

Sir33:Sir36:23  If there be kindness, meekness, and comfort, in her tongue, then is not her husband like other men.

23  In all your works, be pre-eminent.

Sir33:Sir36:24  He that getteth a wife beginneth a possession, a help like unto himself, and a pillar of rest.

24  You should not allow a blemish upon your glory. On the day of the consummation of the days of your life, at the time of your passing, distribute your inheritance.

Sir33:Sir36:25  Where no hedge is, there the possession is spoiled: and he that hath no wife will wander up and down mourning.