The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 3:17–25


17  And you will be built up in justice, and you will be remembered in the day of tribulation. And your sins will dissolve like ice in warm weather.

Sir3:15  In the day of thine affliction it shall be remembered; thy sins also shall melt away, as the ice in the fair warm weather.

18  What an evil form has he who forsakes his father! And whoever exasperates his mother is accursed by God.

Sir3:16  He that forsaketh his father is as a blasphemer; and he that angereth his mother is cursed: of God.

19  Son, perform your works in meekness, and you shall be loved beyond the glory of men.

Sir3:17  My son, go on with thy business in meekness; so shalt thou be beloved of him that is approved.

20  However great you may be, humble yourself in all things, and you will find grace in the presence of God.

Sir3:18  The greater thou art, the more humble thyself, and thou shalt find favour before the Lord.


21  Many are in high place, and of renown: but mysteries are revealed unto the meek.


22  For only the power of God is great, and he is honored by the humble.


23  You should not seek the things that are too high for you, and you should not examine the things that are beyond your ability. But as for the things that God has entrusted to you, consider these always. But you should not be curious in too many of his works.

Sir3:21  Seek not out things that are too hard for thee, neither search the things that are above thy strength.

24  For it is not necessary for you to see with your own eyes the things that are hidden.

Sir3:22  But what is commanded thee, think thereupon with reverence, for it is not needful for thee to see with thine eyes the things that are in secret.

25  In unnecessary matters, do not choose to be an examiner of many different things, and you should not be curious about too many of his works.

Sir3:23  Be not curious in unnecessary matters: for more things are shewed unto thee than men understand.