The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 29:29–34


29  Let yourself be pleased with little instead of much, and you will not hear the reproach of being away from home.

Sir29:23  Be it little or much, hold thee contented, that thou hear not the reproach of thy house.

30  It is a wicked life to go from house to house as a guest. For wherever he is a guest, he will not act confidently, nor open his mouth.

Sir29:24  For it is a miserable life to go from house to house: for where thou art a stranger, thou darest not open thy mouth.

31  He will entertain, and feed, and give drink to the ungrateful, and beyond this, he will listen to bitter words

Sir29:25  Thou shalt entertain, and feast, and have no thanks: moreover thou shalt hear bitter words

32  “Go, my guest, and set the table, and let others eat from what you have in your hand.”

Sir29:26  Come, thou stranger, and furnish a table, and feed me of that thou hast ready.

33  “Depart from the honored face of my friends. For it has become necessary for my house to host my brother instead.”

Sir29:27  Give place, thou stranger, to an honourable man; my brother cometh to be lodged, and I have need of mine house.


34  These things are grievous to a man having understanding: to take advantage of a household, and to reproach a lender.