The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 27:8–15


You should not praise a man before he speaks; for such is the testing of men.

Sir27:7  Praise no man before thou hearest him speak; for this is the trial of men.

If you pursue justice, you will obtain it. And you will be clothed with justice, as with a long robe of honor. And you will live with justice. And justice will protect you continually. And on the day of reckoning, you will find a strong foundation.

Sir27:8  If thou followest righteousness, thou shalt obtain her, and put her on, as a glorious long robe.

10  Birds flock to their own kind. And truth will return to those who practice it.

Sir27:9  The birds will resort unto their like; so will truth return unto them that practise in her.

11  The lion lies in wait for its prey continually. So also do sins lie in wait for those who work iniquity.

Sir27:10  As the lion lieth in wait for the prey; so sin for them that work iniquity.

12  A holy man persists in wisdom like the sun. But a senseless man changes like the moon.

Sir27:11  The discourse of a godly man is always with wisdom; but a fool changeth as the moon.

13  In the midst of the senseless, retain a word for the proper time. But be continually in the midst those who are thoughtful.

Sir27:12  If thou be among the indiscreet, observe the time; but be continually among men of understanding.

14  The discussions of sinners are hateful, and their laughter is a delight in sin.

Sir27:13  The discourse of fools is irksome, and their sport is the wantonness of sin.

15  The speech that swears many oaths will cause the hair of the head to stand upright; and its irreverence will cause the ears to be blocked.

Sir27:14  The talk of him that sweareth much maketh the hair stand upright; and their brawls make one stop his ears.