The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 17:15–24


15  And Israel was made to be the manifest portion of God.

Sir17:16  Every man from his youth is given to evil; neither could they make to themselves fleshy hearts for stony.

16  And in the sight of God, all their works are like the sun. And his eyes, without ceasing, inspect their ways.

Sir17:17  For in the division of the nations of the whole earth he set a ruler over every people; but Israel is the Lord’s portion

17  The covenants are not hidden by their iniquity, and all their iniquities are in the sight of God.

Sir17:18  Whom, being his firstborn, he nourisheth with discipline, and giving him the light of his love doth not forsake him.

18  The almsgiving of a man is like a seal upon him, which will guard the grace of a man like the pupil of an eye.

Sir17:19  Therefore all their works are as the sun before him, and his eyes are continually upon their ways.

19  And afterward, it will rise up and repay them their reward, each one upon his head, and it will return to the hidden places of the earth.

Sir17:20  None of their unrighteous deeds are hid from him, but all their sins are before the Lord

20  Now, to the repentant, he has given the way of justice, and he has strengthened those lacking in patience, and he has fastened them to a destiny of truth.

Sir17:21  But the Lord being gracious and knowing his workmanship, neither left nor forsook them, but spared them.

21  Convert to the Lord, and relinquish your sins.

Sir17:22  The alms of a man is as a signet with him, and he will keep the good deeds of man as the apple of the eye, and give repentance to his sons and daughters.

22  Make supplication before the face of the Lord, and diminish your offenses.

Sir17:23  Afterwards he will rise up and reward them, and render their recompence upon their heads.

23  Return to the Lord, and turn away from your injustice, and have immense hatred for abomination.

Sir17:24  But unto them that repent, he granted them return, and comforted those that failed in patience.

24  And acknowledge the justices and judgments of God, and stand firm in the circumstances set before you and in prayer to the most high God.

Sir17:25  Return unto the Lord, and forsake thy sins, make thy prayer before his face, and offend less.