The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 14:11–19


11  Son, if you have anything, do good to yourself, and offer worthy oblations to God.

11  My son, according to thy ability do good to thyself, and give the Lord his due offering.

12  Remember that death has not been delayed, and that the covenant of the grave has been revealed to you. For the covenant of this world will pass away in death.

12  Remember that death will not be long in coming, and that the covenant of the grave is not shewed unto thee.

13  Do good to your friend before you die. And according to your ability, extend your hand and give to the poor.

13  Do good unto thy friend before thou die, and according to thy ability stretch out thy hand and give to him.

14  Do not cheat yourself out of a good day, and do not let the smallest good gift pass you by.

14  Defraud not thyself of the good day, and let not the part of a good desire overpass thee.

15  Should you not leave it to others to divide your sorrows and labors by lot?

15  Shalt thou not leave thy travails unto another? and thy labours to be divided by lot?

16  Give, and receive, and justify your soul.

16  Give, and take, and sanctify thy soul; for there is no seeking of dainties in the grave.

17  Before your passing, accomplish justice. For in death, there is no food to be found.

17  All flesh waxeth old as a garment: for the covenant from the beginning is, Thou shalt die the death.

18  All flesh grows old like the grass, and like the foliage that springs forth from a green tree.

18  As of the green leaves on a thick tree, some fall, and some grow; so is the generation of flesh and blood, one cometh to an end, and another is born.

19  Some spring up, and others fall away. Such is the generation of flesh and blood. One is finished, and another is born.

19  Every work rotteth and consumeth away, and the worker thereof shall go withal.