The Bible in Its Traditions

Sirach 11:20–28


20  But he does not know how much time will pass before death approaches, and then he must leave everything behind to others and die.


21  Stand fast in your covenant, and become familiar with it, and grow old in the work of your commandments.

Sir11:20  Be stedfast in thy covenant, and be conversant therein, and wax old in thy work.

22  You should not spend time in the works of sinners. Instead, trust in God and remain in your own place.

Sir11:21  Marvel not at the works of sinners; but trust in the Lord, and abide in thy labour: for it is an easy thing in the sight of the Lord on the sudden to make a poor man rich.


23  For it is easy, in the eyes of God, to make a pauper suddenly rich.


24  The blessing of God hurries to reward the just man, and in a fleeting hour his advancement bears fruit.

Sir11:22  The blessing of the Lord is in the reward of the godly, and suddenly he maketh his blessing flourish.

25  You should not say: “What do I need?” or, “What good will there be for me in this?”

Sir11:23  Say not, What profit is there of my service? and what good things shall I have hereafter?

26  You should not say: “I have enough for myself,” or, “What could be worse than this?”

Sir11:24  Again, say not, I have enough, and possess many things, and what evil shall I have hereafter?

27  In a day of good things, you should not be forgetful of misfortunes. And in a day of misfortunes, you should not be forgetful of good things.

Sir11:25  In the day of prosperity there is a forgetfulness of affliction: and in the day of affliction there is no more remembrance of prosperity.

28  For it is easy, in the sight of God, on the day of one’s passing, to repay each one according to his ways.

Sir11:26  For it is an easy thing unto the Lord in the day of death to reward a man according to his ways.