The Bible in Its Traditions

Numbers 28:1–3

M Sam

And YHWH spoke unto Moses, saying

And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

The Lord also said to Moses

M S Sam

Command the children of Israel, and say unto them: My food which is presented unto Me for offerings made by fire, of a sweet savour unto Me, shall ye observe to offer unto Me in its due season.

Charge the children of Israel, and thou shalt speak to them, saying, Ye shall observe to offer to me in my feasts my gifts, my presents, my burnt-offerings for a sweet-smelling savour.

“Instruct the sons of Israel, and you shall say to them: Offer my oblation and bread, and the incense of most sweet odor, at their proper times.

M Sam G

And thou shalt say unto them: This is the offering made by fire which ye shall bring unto YHWH: he-lambs of the first year without blemish, two day by day, for a continual burnt-offering.

These are the sacrifices which you must offer: Two immaculate one-year-old lambs each day as a perpetual holocaust.