The Bible in Its Traditions

Numbers 19:17–22

M G S Sam

17  And for the unclean they shall take of the ashes of the burning of the purification from sin, and running water shall be put thereto in a vessel.

17  And they shall take some of the ashes from the burning and the sin offering, and they shall pour living waters over them into a vessel.

18  And a clean person shall take hyssop, and dip it in the water, and sprinkle it upon the tent, and upon all the vessels, and upon the persons that were there, and upon him that touched the bone, or the slain, or the dead, or the grave.

18  And into it a man who is clean shall dip hyssop, and he shall sprinkle from it the entire tent, and all its articles, and the men who were polluted by means of contact.

19  And the clean person shall sprinkle upon the unclean on the third day, and on the seventh day; and on the seventh day he shall purify him; and he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and shall be clean at even.

19  And so, in this manner, what is clean shall purify what is unclean, on the third and seventh days. And have been expiated on the seventh day, he shall wash both himself and his garments, and he shall be unclean until evening.

M Sam

20  But the man that shall be unclean, and shall not purify himself, that soul shall be cut off from the midst of the assembly, because he hath defiled the sanctuary of YHWH; the water of sprinkling hath not been dashed against him: he is unclean.

20  And whatever man shall be defiled and shall not purify himself, that soul shall be cut off from the midst of the congregation, because he has defiled the holy things of the Lord, because the water of sprinkling has not been sprinkled upon him; he is unclean.

20  If anyone has not been expiated by this ritual, his soul shall perish from the midst of the Church. For he has polluted the Sanctuary of the Lord, and he has not been sprinkled with purifying waters.

M G S Sam

21  And it shall be a perpetual statute unto them; and he that sprinkleth the water of sprinkling shall wash his clothes; and he that toucheth the water of sprinkling shall be unclean until even.

21  This precept shall be an everlasting ordinance. Likewise, the one who has sprinkled the waters shall wash his garments. All who will have touched the waters of expiation shall be unclean until evening.

22  And whatsoever the unclean person toucheth shall be unclean; and the soul that toucheth him shall be unclean until even.

22  Whatever has been touched by something unclean will itself be made unclean. And the soul who touches any of these things shall become unclean until evening.”