The Bible in Its Traditions

Jeremiah 10:23–25


23  O YHWH, I know that man's way is not his own; it is not in man to direct his steps as he walketh.

23  I know, O Lord, that man’s way is not his own; neither shall a man go, and direct his going.

23  I know that the ways of the LORD are not like the ways of men; he does not walk as a man directing his steps.


24  O YHWH, correct me, but in measure; not in Thine anger, lest Thou diminish me.

24  Correct me, O Lord, yet truly, do so with judgment, and not in your fury. Otherwise, you will reduce me to nothing.

25  Pour out Thy wrath upon the nations that know Thee not, and upon the families that call not on Thy name; for they have devoured Jacob, yea, they have devoured him and consumed him, and have laid waste his habitation.

25  Pour out your indignation upon the nations that have not known you, and upon the provinces that have not invoked your name. For they have fed upon Jacob, and devoured him, and consumed him, and they have utterly destroyed his honor.