The Bible in Its Traditions

Isaiah 24:1–23


Behold, YHWH maketh the earth empty and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

Behold, the Lord is about to lay waste the world, and will make it desolate, and will lay bare the surface of it, and scatter them that dwell therein.

BEHOLD, the LORD shall destroy the earth and lay it waste and turn it upside down and scatter its inhabitants.


And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the creditor, so with the debtor.

And the people shall be as the priest, and the servant as the lord, and the maid as the mistress; the buyer shall be as the seller, the lender as the borrower, and the debtor as his creditor.


The earth shall be utterly emptied, and clean despoiled; for YHWH hath spoken this word.

The earth shall be completely laid waste, and the earth shall be utterly spoiled: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken these things.

The earth will be utterly devastated and utterly plundered. For the Lord has spoken this word.


The earth fainteth and fadeth away, the world faileth and fadeth away, the lofty people of the earth do fail.

The earth mourns, and the world is ruined, the lofty ones of the earth are mourning.

The earth mourned, and slipped away, and languished. The world slipped away; the loftiness of the people of the earth was weakened.


The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, violated the statute, broken the everlasting covenant.

And she has sinned by reason of her inhabitants; because they have transgressed the law, and changed the ordinances, even the everlasting covenant.

And the earth was corrupted by its inhabitants. For they have transgressed the laws, they have changed the ordinance, they have dissipated the everlasting covenant.


Therefore hath a curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are found guilty; therefore the inhabitants of the earth waste away, and men are left few.

Because of this, a curse will devour the earth, and its inhabitants will sin. And for this reason, its caretakers will become crazed, and few men will be left behind.

Therefore the earth shall sit in mourning, and all its inhabitants shall be condemned; therefore all the inhabitants of the earth shall be destroyed, and a few men shall be left.


The new wine faileth, the vine fadeth; all the merry-hearted do sigh.

The wine shall mourn, the vine shall mourn, all the merry-hearted shall sigh.

The vintage has mourned. The vine has languished. All those who were rejoicing in their hearts have groaned.


The mirth of tabrets ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice endeth, the joy of the harp ceaseth.

The mirth of timbrels has ceased, the sound of the harp has ceased.

The gladness of the drums has ceased. The sound of rejoicing has quieted. The sweetness of stringed instruments has been silenced.

They drink not wine with a song; strong drink is bitter to them that drink it.

They are ashamed, they have not drunk wine; strong drink has become bitter to them that drink it.

They will not drink wine with a song. The drink will be bitter to those who drink it.

10  Broken down is the city of wasteness; every house is shut up, that none may come in.

10  All the city has become desolate: one shall shut his house so that none shall enter.

10  The city of vanity has been worn away. Every house has been closed up; no one enters.

11  There is a crying in the streets amidst the wine; all joy is darkened, the mirth of the land is gone.

11  There is a howling for the wine everywhere; all the mirth of the land has ceased, all the mirth of the land has departed.

11  There will be a clamor for wine in the streets. All rejoicing has been abandoned. The gladness of the earth has been carried away.

12  In the city is left desolation, and the gate is smitten unto ruin.

12  And cities shall be left desolate, and houses being left shall fall to ruin.

12  Solitude is what remains in the city, and calamity will overwhelm its gates.

13  For thus shall it be in the midst of the earth, among the peoples, as at the beating of an olive-tree, as at the gleanings when the vintage is done.

13  All this shall be in the land in the midst of the nations, as if one should strip an olive tree, so shall they strip them; but when the vintage is done,

13  For so shall it be in the midst of the earth, in the midst of the people: it is as if the few remaining olives are being shaken from the olive tree, and it is like a few clusters of grapes, when the grape harvest has already ended.

14  Those yonder lift up their voice, they sing for joy; for the majesty of YHWH they shout from the sea

14  these shall cry aloud; and they that are left on the land shall rejoice together in the glory of the Lord: the water of the sea shall be troubled.

14  These few shall lift up their voice and give praise. When the Lord will have been glorified, they will make a joyful noise from the sea.

15  'Therefore glorify ye YHWH in the regions of light, even the name of the YHWH, the God of Israel, in the isles of the sea.'

15  Therefore shall the glory of the Lord be in the isles of the sea; the name of the Lord shall be glorious.

15  Because of this, glorify the Lord in doctrine: the name of the Lord, the God of Israel, in the islands of the sea.

16  From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs: 'Glory to the righteous.' But I say: I waste away, I waste away, woe is me! The treacherous deal treacherously; yea, the treacherous deal very treacherously.

16  O Lord God of Israel, from the ends of the earth we have heard wonderful things, and there is hope to the godly: but they shall say, Woe to the despisers, that despise the law.

16  From the ends of the earth, we have heard the praises of the glory of the Just One. And I said: “My secret is for myself! My secret is for myself! Woe to me! Those who would betray us have betrayed us, and they have betrayed us with the betrayal of transgression.”

17  Terror, and the pit, and the trap, are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth.

17  Fear, and a pit, and a snare, are upon you that dwell on the earth.

17  Dread, and the pit, and the snare are over you, O inhabitant of the earth!


18  And it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the terror shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the trap; for the windows on high are opened, and the foundations of the earth do shake;

18  And this shall be: whoever will flee from the voice of dread will fall into the pit. And whoever will extricate himself from the pit will be caught in the snare. For the floodgates from above have been opened, and the foundations of the earth will be shaken.


19  The earth is broken, broken down, the earth is crumbled in pieces, the earth trembleth and tottereth;

19  the earth shall be utterly confounded, and the earth shall be completely perplexed.

19  The earth will be utterly broken! The earth will be utterly crushed! The earth will be utterly shaken!


20  The earth reeleth to and fro like a drunken man, and swayeth to and fro as a lodge; and the transgression thereof is heavy upon it, and it shall fall, and not rise again.

20  The earth will stagger greatly, like a drunken man, and will be carried away, like the tent of a single night. And its iniquity will be heavy upon it, and it will fall and not rise up again.


21  And it shall come to pass in that day, that YHWH will punish the host of the high heaven on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.

21  And God shall bring his hand upon the host of heaven, and upon the kings of the earth.

21  And this shall be: in that day, the Lord will visit upon the armies of the sky above, and upon the kings of the earth who are on the ground.

22  And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the dungeon, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be punished.

22  And they shall gather the multitude thereof into prisons, and they shall shut them into a strong hold: after many generations they shall be visited.

22  And they will be gathered together like the gathering of one bundle into a pit. And they will be enclosed in that place, as in a prison. And after many days, they will be visited.

23  Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed; for YHWH of hosts will reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before His elders shall be Glory.

23  And the brick shall decay, and the wall shall fall; for the Lord shall reign from out of Sion, and out of Jerusalem, and shall be glorified before his elders.

23  And the moon will be ashamed, and the sun will be confounded, when the Lord of hosts will reign on mount Zion and in Jerusalem, and when he will have been glorified in the sight of his elders.