The Bible in Its Traditions

Genesis 35:27–29

M S Sam

27  And Jacob came unto Isaac his father to Mamre, to Kiriatharba--the same is Hebron--where Abraham and Isaac sojourned.

27  And Jacob came to Isaac his father to Mambre, to a city of the plain; this is Chebron in the land of Chanaan, where Abraam and Isaac sojourned.

27  And then he went to his father Isaac in Mamre, the city of Arba: this place is Hebron, where Abraham and Isaac sojourned.

M G V S Sam

28  And the days of Isaac were a hundred and fourscore years.

M G Sam

29  And Isaac expired, and died, and was gathered unto his people, old and full of days; and Esau and Jacob his sons buried him.

29  And being consumed by old age, he died. And he was placed with his people, being old and full of days. And his sons, Esau and Jacob, buried him.

29  Then Isaac grew weak and died; and he was gathered to his people, being very old and full of days; and his sons Esau and Jacob buried him in the burial ground which his father Abraham had purchased.