The Bible in Its Traditions

1 Maccabees 13:12–24


12  And Trypho moved from Ptolemais, with a great army, to come into the land of Judah, and Jonathan was with him in custody.

1Mc13:12  So Tryphon removed from Ptolemais with a great power to invade the land of Judea, and Jonathan was with him in ward.

13  But Simon took up a position at Addus, opposite the face of the plains.

1Mc13:13  But Simon pitched his tents at Adida, over against the plain.

14  And when Trypho realized that Simon rose up in the place of his brother, Jonathan, and that he would be joining in battle with him, he sent messengers to him,

1Mc13:14  Now when Tryphon knew that Simon was risen up instead of his brother Jonathan, and meant to join battle with him, he sent messengers unto him, saying,

15  saying: “We have detained your brother, Jonathan, because of the money that he owed to the king’s account, because of the matters for which he was responsible.

1Mc13:15  Whereas we have Jonathan thy brother in hold, it is for money that he is owing unto the king’s treasure, concerning the business that was committed unto him.

16  And now, send a hundred talents of silver, and two of his sons for hostages, so that when he is dismissed, he may not flee from us. And then we will release him.”

1Mc13:16  Wherefore now send an hundred talents of silver, and two of his sons for hostages, that when he is at liberty he may not revolt from us, and we will let him go.

17  And Simon knew that he was speaking deceitfully to him. Yet he ordered the money and the boys to be given, lest he should bring upon himself a great hostility from the people of Israel, who might have said,

1Mc13:17  Hereupon Simon, albeit he perceived that they spake deceitfully unto him yet sent he the money and the children, lest peradventure he should procure to himself great hatred of the people

18  “It is because he did not send the money and the boys that he perished.”

1Mc13:18  Who might have said, Because I sent him not the money and the children, therefore is Jonathan dead.

19  So he sent the boys and one hundred talents. And he was lying and did not dismiss Jonathan.

1Mc13:19  So he sent them the children and the hundred talents: howbeit Tryphon dissembled neither would he let Jonathan go.

20  And after this, Trypho came into the country, to crush it. And they circled around by the way that leads to Adora. And Simon and his camp marched into every place, wherever they went.

1Mc13:20  And after this came Tryphon to invade the land, and destroy it, going round about by the way that leadeth unto Adora: but Simon and his host marched against him in every place, wheresoever he went.

21  But those who were in the stronghold sent messengers to Trypho, so that he would hurry to come through the desert, and to send them provisions.

1Mc13:21  Now they that were in the tower sent messengers unto Tryphon, to the end that he should hasten his coming unto them by the wilderness, and send them victuals.

22  And Trypho prepared all his horsemen to arrive on that night. But there was a very great snowfall, and he did not come into Gilead.

1Mc13:22  Wherefore Tryphon made ready all his horsemen to come that night: but there fell a very great snow, by reason whereof he came not. So he departed, and came into the country of Galaad.

23  And when he approached toward Baskama, he killed Jonathan and his sons there.

1Mc13:23  And when he came near to Bascama he slew Jonathan, who was buried there.

24  And Trypho turned back and went into his own land.

1Mc13:24  Afterward Tryphon returned and went into his own land.