The Bible in Its Traditions

1 Maccabees 13:1–11


And Simon heard that Trypho had gathered together an immense army to come to the land of Judah and to lay waste to it.

1Mc13:1  Now when Simon heard that Tryphon had gathered together a great host to invade the land of Judea, and destroy it,

Seeing that the people were fearful and trembling, he went up to Jerusalem, and he gathered together the people.

1Mc13:2  And saw that the people was in great trembling and fear, he went up to Jerusalem, and gathered the people together,

And exhorting them, he said: “You know what great battles I, and my brothers, and the house of my father, have fought for the laws and for the holy places, and the anguish that we have seen.

1Mc13:3  And gave them exhortation, saying, Ye yourselves know what great things I, and my brethren, and my father’s house, have done for the laws and the sanctuary, the battles also and troubles which we have seen.

As a result of these things, all my brothers have perished for the sake of Israel, and I have been left alone.

1Mc13:4  By reason whereof all my brethren are slain for Israel’s sake, and I am left alone.

And now, it is not necessary for me to spare my life in any time of tribulation. For I am not better than my brothers.

1Mc13:5  Now therefore be it far from me, that I should spare mine own life in any time of trouble: for I am no better than my brethren.

And so, I will vindicate my people and the sanctuary, and likewise our children and wives. For all the Gentiles have gathered together to crush us, solely out of malice.”

1Mc13:6  Doubtless I will avenge my nation, and the sanctuary, and our wives, and our children: for all the heathen are gathered to destroy us of very malice.

And the spirit of the people was immediately enkindled, when they heard these words.

1Mc13:7  Now as soon as the people heard these words, their spirit revived.

And they responded with a loud voice, saying: “You are our leader in place of Judas and of Jonathan, your brother.

1Mc13:8  And they answered with a loud voice, saying, Thou shalt be our leader instead of Judas and Jonathan thy brother.

Fight our battles, and we will do whatever you tell us to do.”

1Mc13:9  Fight thou our battles, and whatsoever, thou commandest us, that will we do.

10  And so, gathering together all the men of war, he accelerated the completion of all the walls of Jerusalem, and he fortified it all around.

1Mc13:10  So then he gathered together all the men of war, and made haste to finish the walls of Jerusalem, and he fortified it round about.

11  And he sent Jonathan, the son of Absalom, and with him a new army, into Joppa, and he cast out those who were in it, and he himself remained there.

1Mc13:11  Also he sent Jonathan the son of Absalom, and with him a great power, to Joppa: who casting out them that were therein remained there in it.